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A Holy Primes NFT gives you access to mint exclusive collections from new artists

Official Holy Primes collections by Pokilo contain 233 NFTs,

each prime receives a new NFT,

these will be free to mint

Other rising-star artists of the NFT world will create pioneering works with collections of approx 17-101 NFTs

There will be a whitelist for the first primers to sign up,

guaranteed slots for 'Prime Whales' (holders of 3+ primes)

& a lottery for the rest

A 'Prime Whale' is defined as a holder of any 3 primes or
2 x 2-digit primes,

or 1 x 1-digit prime

A 'Line Whale' is defined as a holder of any 3 Prime Lines and will be granted temporary whale status for the 1 & 2 Digit Prime Genesis collections

With respect to the artists, some collections will be free, some will cost Eth, the artists retain the royalties & copyright for all their work

Mint Pass

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